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Process and Support Groups
  • Weight Management Process and Support Group is a recurring 8-week, male and female closed process and support group. Group members explore the process of thinking and the psychological factors that undermine successful weight loss. 

  • Eating Disorders Family & Friends Support Group is an open group for parents and family members of children with eating disorders focusing on education about eating disorders, how to support the person with the eating disorder, including support for recovery and long-term management of symptoms. 

  • Eating Disorders Support Group is an open support and psychoeducational group for females between the ages of 18 to 24. The group provides supplemental support for on-going treatment of and recovery of an eating disorder. Participants receive education and support that is intended to facilitate recovery. 
Group Therapy
As a group, we will work together on shared problems
About Group Therapy

Group therapy provides opportunities to learn with and from other people and to understand one's own patterns of thought and behavior and those of others, and to perceive how group members react to one another. 

We provide a variety of group therapies including:
Learn more about couples therapy and how it can help you with your relationship. 
Couples & Relationship Issues Group Therapy
  • Couples Group is a 6-week closed psychotherapy group for couples. We explore issues of intimacy, communication styles, and intimacy (psychological and physical). Group members learn practical strategies to improve their communication, how to enhance their physical and emotional intimacy and how to resolve conflict effectively. 

  • Building Relationships Group is an interpersonal skills building support group intended to help group members identify interpersonal deficits that interfere with building and maintaining successful relationships in business and in their personal lives. Group members will learn how to change or eliminate the deficits that cause anxiety and isolation and learn new ways of interacting with people. Activities range from learning how to build professional connections appropriately to learning how to approach social and romantic exchanges.